if wishing were reality, then back in time we’d be
to when we were children, happy and carefree
if life could be that simple, how happy I would be
you always were my special friend
I thought you’d be there till the end
for me you were the best, and that is why I loved you

if I could have one wish come true, I know I’d use it up on you
it was enough for me back then just to have you as my friend
but I can’t turn the clock back to when you were just mine
if I could, I’d keep you there and show to you how much I care
I’d tell you of the many things I’d like to share with you
all my days, for starters, and then my night times, too

you’ve given me a reason for smiling once again
you’ve filled my life with peaceful dreams
you’ve made me want to feel again, to laugh, and love, and see
you are the life within my soul
the other half that makes me whole
you are my dearest friend

you are the friend I’ve longed for my soul mate from the past
you are the ray of sunshine that brings a rainbow from the storm
the one to watch the stars with as they twinkle in nights sky
the one to watch the sun come up from its sleeping bed
to see the birds awaken and listen to their song
the journey could be beautiful if you came along

true happiness is hard to find; it’s given to so few
if you could only feel the same, it’d make my wish come true
more life we have behind us than we have to come
what time we have together could be so much fun
if I had to cross an ocean, that is what I’d do
if it means that I could spend my time left with you

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