The Future – Age Of Idiocracy


America has elected Donald Trump as President.

We have entered the age of idiocracy.

There will be more populist candidates both from the left and the right.

They will speak to the frustrations of people whose jobs have been automated or outsourced.

Whose prospects are gloomy.

Whose anger will get channeled through more populists like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

Western democracies will devolve further into idiocracies.

The only kinds of candidates who will have a chance are the ones who are willing to speak to the fears and anxieties of the very large numbers of citizens without jobs, without prospects.

They will promise protectionism, trade wars, other destructive measures.

Where do we go from here?

Constitutionally, there is no optimistic answer to this question.

Something sinister is brewing in America.

The 2016 election is a turning point.

Democracy henceforth synonymizes idiocracy.

*Source : Sramana Mitra | Linkedin

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